Revenue letters cause undue stress and anxiety – Ó Domhnaill

Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has accused the Revenue Commissioners of causing undue distress to homeowners in Donegal after they received letters demanding payment of the Household Charge, despite having already paid the levy. Revenue issued thousands of letters to families across the country advising them that the money would be taken from their salary or pension.
Senator Ó Domhnaill commented, “I have been contacted by a number of people who have received these letters over the past few weeks, many of them who had already paid the Household Charge. These unexpected demands from the taxman have created real anxiety for those people who are up to date with their tax payments. Many of the people contacted by Revenue are older people, and are frightened that they’ll be liable for fines or penalties. My party colleague Cllr. Patrick McGowan has been engaging with confused and distressed homeowners over the past week.
Cllr. Mc Gowan said, “Revenue has already admitted it made a mistake in sending out these letters, claiming that mismatches between the Local Government Management Agency and the Local Property Tax database led to the error. However, that is cold comfort for those who have received these letters over the past few weeks. “Householders are being advised to obtain proof of payment to ensure that they are not liable for the tax, however many older people are being faced with the prospect of long waits on the LPT phoneline because they do not have a computer or internet access. This is an unfair and unnecessary imposition for these people, who have done nothing wrong yet are receiving confusing and upsetting letters from Revenue.
“I would urge Revenue to make resources available to allocate more staff to the helpline to reduce the long and arduous waiting times. They should also review the protocols they have in place to deal with these issues considering the fact that many of the people issued with these notices had already paid their charges.

Posted: Jul 4, 2014     |     Categories: Uncategorized