Huge decrease in applications for farm support in Donegal due to excessive red tape – Ó Domhnaill


Less than 50% of suckler cow farmers apply for Beef Genomics Scheme


Fianna Fáil Senator  and Seanad spokesperson on Agriculture Brian Ó Domhnaill has criticised the high level of bureaucracy involved in applying for beef standard support schemes.  Fewer than 50% of suckler cow farmers in Donegal had applied for the Beef Genomics Scheme and the Beef Data Programme by this year’s closing date.

Senator Ó Domhnaill commented: “Farmers in Donegal are being discouraged from applying to agri-schemes because of the high level of red tape involved for very little return. Many of these are small family farmers who are in urgent need of funding but are being deterred from applying by the vast amounts of paperwork and form filling involved. Farmers I have spoken to in Donegal also tell me they are facing additional veterinary costs as blood samples have to be taken to qualify for the scheme. These extra charges put even more pressure on small farmers already struggling to cope with rising operational costs and falling beef prices.

“There are 4,069 suckler cow farmers in Donegal but only 2,008 have applied for the schemes, which is less than half of these farmers.

“I’m concerned that if Minister Coveney continues with his plans for the Rural Development Programme (RDP), there’ll be a substantial fall off in the number of Donegal farmers applying for agri-schemes across the board. The low level of funding on offer does not warrant the punishing level of red tape required to qualify for these programmes.

“The Minister needs to radically reconsider the RDP and reduce the amount of bureaucracy involved in order to encourage more farmers into these schemes so that they can avail of much needed funding within the sector”.

Posted: Jun 24, 2014     |     Categories: Uncategorized