FG must stand up for Donegal post offices – Ó Domhnaill


Donegal communities at risk of losing another key community service


Donegal communities are at risk of losing yet another vital local service as post offices face the renewed threat of closure, according to Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill.

The Donegal Senator has called on Donegal’s two government TDs to put a stop to the threatened attack on rural post offices in this region.

“Our local communities have lost far too many local services in recent years. Our community garda services have been cut, bank branches have closed down, many local businesses have been forced to shut their doors, jobs have been lost, funding for local services has been cut and our small schools are facing a third year of cuts. And now our post office are at very real risk of closure,” said Senator Ó Domhnaill said.

“Post offices are a strategic asset and the threat to the rural post office network needs to be taken seriously. So far the Government has done absolutely nothing to intervene as fears mount that over 500 post offices could soon be shut down. Postmasters say that the rural network could be ‘decimated’ within two years.

“Advancements in technology do not have to spell the end of our post offices. Fianna Fáil has published proposals to enhance the post office network and secure the future of rural post offices. The document, published earlier this month, calls on the Government to:

Increase the commercial activity of post offices;
Expand An Post’s financial services;
Allow post office to become a centre for all state payments and charges;
Create shared community services and multi-purpose space in rural post offices; and
Provide internet and printing facilities in rural post offices where appropriate.

“The local post office is the heart of so many Donegal communities and its loss would come as another major blow to community life. It’s time for the Government to stand up for local post offices. I am urging our 2 government TDs in Donegal to start taking this threat seriously and consider Fianna Fáil’s constructive proposals to save our post offices.”


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