Fianna Fáil Opt for Experienced Team in Finn Valley

Fianna Fáil have selected outgoing Councillors Gerry Crawford and Patrick McGowan to contest the Local Elections in the Stranorlar Electoral Area this coming May. Both Crawford and McGowan are well established and experienced Local Representatives.

Both outgoing Councillors were selected at a Party Selection Convention held in the Finn Valley Centre last Sunday evening.

Speaking to Party Members at the Selection Convention Councillor Gerry Crawford said; “I am humbled and delighted to have once again been selected to contest this election. Donegal County Council impacts on every citizen of our County. The vital services being provided by the Council have been severely cut over the last couple of years. However,  I continue to do my utmost to serve the people of the Stranorlar Electoral Area in an honest and determined way. The County needs Councillors who will stand up for what is right. If re-elected on May 23rd I will continue to provide a strong and just voice for the people of this area.”

Cllr Patrick McGowan said; “I am extremely honoured to have again been selected to go forward as one of our Party’s Candidates in the May Council Elections. The May Elections are vitally important to the future of our County. I stand on my record of hard work and dedication to the Stranorlar Electoral Area and if returned by the people,  I pledge to continue providing a strong and determined voice in County House. This Government has cut funding to our County and transferred our Water Services over to a Semi Private Company. I will continue to fight these cuts at every opportunity and will stand up for the people of the Stranorlar Electoral Area.”

Both Councillors slammed the Government for cuts to Housing Grants for the Elderly and the Disabled, the Closure of Small Rural Schools and Post Offices and the lack of funding for Roads in County Donegal.

Commenting on the selection of Councillors Crawford and McGowan, Local Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill stated; “I am delighted that Fianna Fáil in the Finn Valley Area has endorsed the candidacy of both outgoing Councillors. Gerry & Patrick have a proven track record of providing the area with a very strong voice and for standing up against the unjust cuts and charges being imposed by this Government. I am asking the people of the Stranorlar Electoral Area to support both Candidates and in return they will provide a dedicated, determined and effective level of representation at Council level on your behalf.


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