Ó Domhnaill Highlights Donegal Youth Unemployment in Seanad

4003 Donegal 18-25 Year olds on Live Register

Donegal Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has called on the Government to provide urgent action rather than “hollow words” on dealing proactively to tackle youth unemployment.

Raising the matter in the Seanad today the fact that of the 62,580 18-25 years old unemployed nationally that 4,003 lived in Donegal.

“The much heralded youth guarantee, which I support, lacks a commitment from the FG/Labour Government. Initially the Government has only budgeted €14m or 5% of the full cost of a comprehensive youth guarantee scheme according to the National Youth Council of Ireland.”

“The NYCI estimate that such a scheme would need to have a €273m per annum commitment. 66 per cent of the funding for the scheme comes from European funding sources and therefore the Governments low level commitment for the scheme shows a clear lack of commitment to our County’s young people.”

“Even if the Taoiseach’s commitment of providing €200m over 2014 & 2015 towards the youth guarantee is realised it will represent only about a third of the required spend over the period  accordingly to the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) based on the number of young people unemployed for six months or more.”

“The Irish Government can access European funds which would compliment exchequer funding of about 66% of the overall expenditure. Therefore I believe the Government has an obligation to the young people of Ireland to draw down the maximum level of funding available under this programme.”

“The Government have no proper strategy in place to tackle youth unemployment and this has been highlighted in the September OECD Report ‘Getting Youth on the Job Track’ stated that “A comprehensive National strategy to tackle the very high unemployment rates among the young is lacking. Youth Policy is fragmented.”

“Unfortunately Youth Emigration is ripping Donegal Communities apart. Promises to date by the Government have delivered absolutely nothing – Action is Required – a dedicated youth employment strategy is long overdue as young workers bring creativity, energy and innovation to the workforce.” ;Concluded Ó Domhnaill

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