Ó Domhnaill calls for legislation on Wind Farm development

Donegal Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has called on the government to introduce legislation to govern the development of large scale Industrial Wind Farms.


The Donegal Senator and Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin TD have this week highlighted the anxiety and concerns expressed by local communities across the country.


Senator Ó Domhnaill said; “I am pleased that Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin this week questioned the Taoiseach on this issue under Leaders Questions in the Dáil. While I support the development of wind energy, what has happened recently has scared communities and caused large divisions in many areas.


“The size and extent of the new proposed wind farms are causing major anxiety in communities throughout the country, including Donegal. Wind turbines would have originally been around 40-60m high, but the current proposals are for wind turbines of up to 180m in height.


“There is a fundamental absence of transparency governing these developments. There is no consultation with the local residents in the communities affected. There is a worrying absence of any legislative framework to deal with the step change in technology and scale of developments. Since the wind farms are being located close to residential areas, the health implications are causing concerns to residents in terms of noise, shadow flicker, the destruction of amenities, particularly residential amenities, the negative visual impact etc.”


“New and up to date planning guidelines in this area must be introduced. The planning authorities need guidelines. Even the county development plans are ambiguous in terms of their provision in this area. I have looked at the plan for Donegal, for example, and could not understand how wind turbines that were so high could be placed beside – 0 metres – setback – to houses.


“The An Bord Pleanála decision to overturn the decision by Donegal County Council who approved planning permission for a large 25 Unit Wind Farm Project in Glenties sends out a clear message. The Government must now deal with this issue immediately in order to ensure proper set back distances are introduced so as to protect residential amenities and public health. In fact I firmly believe that this issue must be dealt with on an all Ireland basis as many local communities across the North of Ireland are facing similar difficulties.”

Posted: Jun 20, 2013     |     Categories: Uncategorized