Local Govt TDs must stand up against unfair Budget cuts – Ó Domhnaill

Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has called on Fine Gael and Labour Oireachtas members in Donegal to stand up against deeply unfair cuts in Budget 2013.


Senator Ó Domhnaill said the TDs and Senators who have been wrestling with their consciences in public over mean-spirited measures in the Budget have an opportunity this week and next to vote against these cuts.


The Donegal Senator said, “This Budget contains some deeply unfair measures that fly in the face of promises made by Fine Gael and Labour to voters here in Donegal and across the country.  It is a Budget that takes no account of people’s ability to pay, does nothing to encourage growth and puts further pressure on already badly squeezed lower and middle income families.


“A number of Government representatives both locally and nationally, including Fine Gael’s Joe McHugh, have been publically wrestling with their consciences over these callous cuts.  Across the country there has been a parade of Fine Gael and Labour representatives muttering about the need for ‘processes’ and ‘consultation’ to change a budget they initially rushed to welcome.


“But there is a process this week where they have the power to change these measures. They can vote against the cuts they disagree with during the debate on the Social Welfare Bill this week.  My party intends to force votes on the measures we believe will further erode the quality of life of the most vulnerable, and the measures that take no account of ability to pay.  These include:


- the cut to child benefit

- the cut to Respite Care Grant

- the cuts to the Farm Assist Programme

- the flat rate increase to PRSI affecting all income earners the same


“If Government representatives really feel strongly about these callous cuts, they will vote against them instead of supporting them.  The Fine Gael TDs here in Donegal can show their constituents that they are prepared to keep their promises.


“This is about choices. If the Government had taken Fianna Fái;’s suggestion of adding 3% to the Universal Social Charge (USC) for people on over €100,000 a year and changes to pension tax relief for the country’s highest earners, most of these deeply unfair measures would have been completely unnecessary.”


Posted: Dec 11, 2012     |     Categories: Uncategorized