FF ‘appalled’ at fresh attack on North West Garda Stations

Closures: 5 stations in Donegal and 9 in Sligo-Leitrim


Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has condemned the fresh attack on garda stations in Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim and has questioned why the North West region is once again being forced to bear the brunt of the cuts.


The Justice Minister Alan Shatter has announced plans to close 100 garda stations in the first half of next year, including 5 in Donegal and 9 in the Sligo-Leitrim garda division. In Donegal, the stations to go are Malin, Annagaire, Gleann Cholm Clle, Na Brocacha and Church Hill.  In Sligo-Leitrim the stations to close are Aclare, Ballyfornon, Easkey, Cloone, Dromod, Keshcarrigan, Domahair, Glenfarne and Cliffoney,


In addition to this, Glenties Garda District Headquarters and Manorhamilton Garda District Headquarters will be downgraded and will be stripped of their HQ status.


Senator Ó Domhnaill has described it as an ‘appalling attack’ on communities across Donegal and the entire North West region.


“Minister Shatter has targeted the North West for the brunt of cuts to community garda resources. Within the next 6 months, the Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim area will have 14 less garda stations and many of our communities will have lost their local visible garda presence. Alan Shatter had warned that he was planning a second attack on garda stations, but even for him this is a shocking level of cuts to our local garda resources,” said Senator Ó Domhnaill.


“The Minister sneakily announced this slash and burn on Budget day, hoping it seems that people wouldn’t pay too much attention.  He is sorely mistaken.  Removing the garda presence from our communities on such a large scale at a time when the rate of burglaries has increased makes absolutely no sense.  The presence of a local garda station, however small, acts as a deterrent to criminals who target vulnerable households.


“In this announcement, Minister Shatter is stripping communities across the North West of yet another essential local service, and his casual attempts to soften the blow by offering social media gimmicks instead will not work. Suggesting to people who feel vulnerable in their homes that they could ‘tweet the gardaí’ or ‘find them on Facebook’ is nothing short of insulting.


“Minister Shatter has targeted the border and western in particular to bear the brunt of these station closures.  People in towns and villages right across this region who were worried about crime cannot believe that instead of showing leadership, Fine Gael and Labour have sanctioned such a significant slash and burn of our local garda resources.


“I intend to strongly oppose these closures and I am urging the Government Deputies across Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim to stand up for their local communities and do the same,” said Senator Ó Domhnaill.



Posted: Dec 6, 2012     |     Categories: Uncategorized