Ó Domhnaill criticises FG policy to downgrade Irish language

Donegal Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has criticised Fine Gael for their continued policy of downgrading the Irish language within the education system. This policy was reaffirmed at the Young Fine Gael Conference in Tullamore at the weekend. Young Fine Gael members passed the Motion: ‘YFG calls on FG to live up to its election promise and remove Irish as a compulsory subject in the Leaving Certificate.’

Senator Ó Domhnaill said: “The continuation of this policy by Fine Gael to downgrade Irish within our schools has no merit. It threatens to undo all the progress that has been made, particularly through Gaelscoileanna, to increase the use of our national language in our communities.

“In Co Donegal, we have a very proud record of teaching Irish in our schools and Gaelscoileanna here are more popular and successful than ever.  During the general election campaign last year, voters heard that Fine Gael wanted to abolish compulsory Irish at Leaving Cert level. Fianna Fáil strongly opposed this move as we believe it would seriously undermine the use of our national language.  Now we see from Young Fine Gael this weekend that new generation of Fine Gael activists also want to scrap compulsory Irish in our secondary schools.

“Along with the growth of the Gaelscoileanna, the previous Government set out a 20 Year Plan which provides a blueprint for the increased usage of Irish. This plan has enjoyed widespread support, but since coming into power Fine Gael and Labour seem to lack any enthusiasm to implement it. The message coming from within Fine Gael is a very bleak one for the Irish language.

“I am appealing to the Taoiseach to clarify his party’s position on Leaving Certificate Irish. I had hoped Fine Gael had seen sense on this matter in the past year, but unfortunately it appears not,” said Senator Ó Domhnaill.

Posted: Feb 21, 2012     |     Categories: Uncategorized