Slurry Spreading Season Must Open in Donegal

Fianna Fáil Seanad Agriculture Spokesperson Brian Ó Domhnaill has called on the Minister s for Environment and Agriculture to immediately review the closed period for the land spreading of slurry.


Speaking today Ó Domhnaill said: “Dairy and Cattle farmers across the North West of the Country are under severe pressure as the slurry storage nears capacity. The slurry spreading open Season for slurry spreading in Zone B Counties (Clare,Galway, Kerry, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo) began yesterday (Monday 16th January ). On the other hand farmers in Zone C (Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim and Monaghan) must wait until February 1st for the open season.”

“I am calling on both Minister’s to exercise more flexibility on opening the season earlier in Zone C Counties particularly given current storage pressures on Farmers in Donegal. This Winter Season was very early for some farmers, with suckler cows in for four months at this stage. Some farmers were forced to house animals as early as the end of September or October.” Said Ó Domhnaill

“Farmers in Zone C Counties like Donegal should be given a derogation to allow them to begin slurry spreading immediately where ground conditions and weather forecast are suitable. The issue is also an animal welfare issue with the risk of slurry coming up through the slats in some cases.” Said Ó Domhnaill

“While an extension of two weeks was given to the Open Season in October from the 15th to the 31st it rained constantly during those two weeks and farmers derived little or no benefit.”

“I have been pursuing this issue with Minister’s Simon Covenney and Phil Hogan since last October but unfortunately they have not been willing to consider flexible options for Farmers in Zone C. In light of the current good weather and intense storage pressures on farmers I am now calling on the Minister for the Environment to immediately grant a derogation.”

Posted: Jan 17, 2012     |     Categories: Uncategorized