Rural Ireland penalised by septic tank charges– Ó Domhnaill

Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Agriculture Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has vowed to strongly oppose the Government’s attempts to hit rural dwellers with sceptic tank charges. The Donegal Senator has described the move as an attack on rural Ireland.

Senator Ó Domhnaill said: “It is completely unfair of this Government to expect rural households to cough up approximately €300 a year for their septic tank on top of the new household charge coming in from January. The septic tank charge completely penalises people for living in rural communities with no direct access to city sewerage schemes.

“Urban dwellers are lucky enough to be linked to sewerage schemes that are paid for and maintained by the local authorities. We cannot have a situation whereby rural households who do not have that luxury are expected to foot the bills themselves for such a basic necessity.

“There are over 400,000 households in rural Ireland that will be penalised by this extra charge and rural Donegal will be particularly badly hit. I have spoken to so many people in Donegal who are seriously concerned about how they will cope with paying for the licensing and upgrading of their septic tanks without any support from the State, on top of paying the extra household charge and water charges coming down the line.

“There is no doubt that this Government’s stealth tax agenda discriminates against rural communities. While I accept that the European Commission has set down rules for the licensing of septic tanks, it is completely and utterly unfair for this Government to throw the entire cost of this directly onto rural communities while urban households are exempt.  This Government must start implementing a greater degree of fairness and acknowledging the needs of rural communities.”

Posted: Aug 26, 2011     |     Categories: Uncategorized