Fine Gael’s Irish language policy would ‘destroy’ the Gaeltacht – Ó Domhnaill

‘Optional Irish’ would lead to closure of Irish Language Summer Colleges


Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill, Fianna Fáil candidate in Donegal South West, has said that Fine Gael’s Irish language policy would ‘destroy’ the Gaeltacht.

“It appears that Fine Gael are still intent on forging ahead with their plan to make the learning of Irish optional for the Leaving Cert even though they are now claiming that they will consult with stakeholders before doing so. They should save themselves the bother of consulting the Gaeltacht and Irish language community because there is no doubt about where they stand on this issue.

Fine Gael’s policy would destroy the Gaeltacht. That’s the message I’m getting on the doorsteps of Donegal South West.”

Senator Ó Domhnaill said Fine Gael’s plan would drive Irish Summer Colleges out of business as it would lead to a catastrophic decline in the number of students attending courses.

“I don’t think Fine Gael understand the importance of the Summer Colleges to the economy of the Gaeltacht. They are now saying that they will double the number of students studying Irish for the leaving cert by 2018. How do they propose to do this by making the study of Irish optional? It would be laughable if it wasn’t such a serious issue.

If Fine Gael wish to consult with people on this issue they should begin that consultation immediately with the ‘Mna Tí’ here in Donegal and in Irish colleges all over the Gaeltacht who are frightened that one of the country’s main political parties have adopted such a reckless position. I would implore Enda Kenny to let reason prevail on this issue and to stand with the people of the Gaeltacht and the Irish language community rather than with whatever focus group came up with this dangerous plan,” concluded Senator Ó Domhnaill

Posted: Feb 4, 2011     |     Categories: Uncategorized