Cut in payments to politicians welcomed

The cut in payments to the Taoiseach and to Ministers announced in the Budget has been welcomed by Donegal South West Fianna Fáil Senator Brian Ó’Domhnaill.

The measures will see the Taoiseach’s salary reduced by a further €14,000 per annum, while Ministers will face reductions of a further €10,000 a year.

The Budget has also brought forward other changes for politicians and retired office holders. Public service pensions above €12,000 per year will be reduced by an average of 4%, with those on the highest pensions paying the most. This will apply to former political office holders, retired members of the judiciary and their survivors or dependents. Long service pay increments and Ministerial pensions will not be paid to TDs after the next General Election.

Additionally the State car fleet will be reduced by one third over the next two years. Former Taoisigh and Presidents, as well as other users of the State cars will now pool their use. The engine sizes of the cars will also be reduced to two litres or less as the cars in the fleet are replaced. The Government will also reduce the cost of State aircraft by not replacing one of the two Government airplanes.

Speaking about the changes in political payments and benefits, Senator Ó’Domhnaill said, “As public representatives we need to lead by example. People all around the country will feel the pinch from our efforts to get the economy back on track. It is important that our leaders demonstrate that they too are playing a full part.”

“I think most people will welcome these initiatives. We need to make sure that our public representatives are not being paid excessive sums and that their salaries and entitlements reflect the condition of the State finances. I believe these measures will go some way towards achieving that goal,” Senator Ó’Domhnaill concluded.

Posted: Dec 8, 2010     |     Categories: Donegal South West