A Vote for Stability and Recovery

A Vote for Ó Domhnaill is Crucial for Stability and Recovery
“I am the only candidate who has fought a positive campaign and presented credible solutions for recovery in Donegal”

Brian Ó Domhnaill, Fianna Fáil candidate in the Donegal South West bye-election, has outlined the reasons he believes that Donegal voters should give him their number 1 vote, or highest possible preference, on Thursday.

“This is the most important bye-election in the history of the state. This election is about returning a candidate who will provide stability during the crucial period ahead. It is also about electing someone who can make a difference.

“I am the only candidate who:

· Has stated categorically that I will vote for the budget. All the other candidates will bring instability by voting down these crucial measures at this critical time;

· Holds 50 clinics every month in this constituency. This ensures that I remain in touch with my constituents, and their concerns;

· Has published a personal manifesto – a plan of action for recovery and growth in Donegal. It is a positive agenda which sees Donegal as a great county which can achieve a lot if it gets the priority it deserves;

· Has outlined a 10 point plan for the future of coastal communities and fisheries. My plan is about providing realistic and achievable solutions for the problems our coastal and fishing communities face;

· Supports the 20 year strategy for the future of the Irish language, which sets out a new approach for the promotion of the language, and support the retention of Údarás na Gaeltachta’s enterprise functions.

· Will secure the future of Letterkenny Hospital, and seeks to ensure the best possible outcomes for cancer patients in Donegal.

“I have sought to fight a positive campaign, with the energy and with the ideas we need to get this county out of our current difficulties.

“This is an election about the future of Donegal, but it has national consequences. The people of Donegal face a choice on whether to elect someone who will use his time in the Dáil to make a positive difference, or someone who has been clear that their only priority is further instability at a national level.

“This week’s events have made the choice that people face more stark than ever.”

Posted: Nov 23, 2010     |     Categories: Donegal South West