10 Point Plan for Coastal & Island Communities

Ó Domhnaill Outlines his 10 Point Plan for Coastal & Island Communities
“Fianna Fail is the Party Best Placed to Represent Donegal fishermen”

Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill as said launched a 10-point plan for the future of Coastal & Island communities in Donegal. He has also said that only Fianna Fáil can best represent the interests of Donegal fishermen at home and in the EU.

“My plan is about providing realistic and achievable solutions for the problems our coastal and fishing communities face. We already have an experienced and strong representative in Pat the Cope Gallagher who is fighting for these communities’ interests. I want to work with him, and Minister for Fisheries Sean Connick, to achieve this 10-point plan:

The Common Fisheries Policy has been unfair to Irish fishermen. I am calling for special recognition for island & coastal fisheries under the new CFP – my colleague Pat the Cope has already made a strong case to the EU Commissioner for this;

I will work to change what has been an unfair and inequitable system which results in Ireland paying for the fishing opportunities of other Member States under the current CFP;

Our overall quotas for our fisheries sector should be increased in the December EU fisheries meeting;

I will fight to protect our mackerel stocks in particular, especially from overfishing from the Faroe Islands and Iceland;

A total review of Inshore Fishing Policy should take place, given the acute difficulties inshore fishermen face. A review should include recommendations with respect to the type of fish they can catch;

Strong consideration should be given towards allowing salmon fishermen on islands to return to salmon fishing;

The small piers and harbours grants scheme should be reintroduced. This was a highly successful scheme, and it would be my intention to press the Minister to re-introduce it;

The Community Employment Rural Social Scheme (CERSS) should be extended to include minor costal works such as slipways and protecting walls. I will work with Minister for Social Protection Éamon Ó Cuív to achieve this;

I strongly support Pat the Cope’s effort to push for the introduction of regional management structures to create a simpler, cheaper and more effective CFP. Regionalisation will make the Common Fisheries Policy more sensitive to local concerns rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach that has been in place to date;

Between 2005 and 2009, Fianna Fáil invested over €4.4 million on Killybegs Fishery Harbour Centre. I want to press to ensure that tendering for the new boat store and Coast Guard station in Killybegs proceeds immediately, and a management plan to ensure its full potential to implemented as soon as possible.

“Fianna Fáil has used its strong working relationship within the EU to put the interests of Irish fishermen on the agenda. Each of these proposals is achievable, and realistic. I want to offer solutions to the people of Donegal, and especially its coastal and island communities, and not negativity as usual.

“Working with my colleagues Pat the Cope Gallagher and Minister Sean Connick, I will fight hard to make this plan happen.

Posted: Nov 21, 2010     |     Categories: Donegal South West