Draft Planning Guidelines on National Roads

Ó Domhnaill Confirms New Draft Planning Guidelines on Planning & National Roads
Donegal South West Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill warmly welcomes the introduction for public consultation the new “Draft Guidelines on Spatial Planning and National Roads”. This follows Senator Ó Domhnaill’s constant representations to the Ministers for Environment & Transport on the need to relax the guidelines on obtaining planning permission on lands along the N56.

Senator Ó Domhnaill said; “I very much welcome the fact that the new Draft Guidelines recognise that exceptional circumstances may apply to developments requiring new accesses to lightly trafficked sections of National Secondary Routes serving structurally weak and remote communities, where a balance needs to be struck between the important transport functions of such roads and supporting the social and economic development of these areas.”
“In such areas, new access to National Secondary Roads (or intensification of use of existing access) may be considered acceptable where the following criteria apply:

  • Traffic volumes are low and are forecast to remain low
  • There is no other suitable alternative non-national public road access available
  • The development otherwise accords with the Development Plan; and
  • Safety issues and considerations can be adequately addressed in accordance with the NRA Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

“The Donegal County Development Plan 2006-2012 did recognise the need to treat the N56 on exceptional or a differential basis and therefore new guidelines will allow the Council to work more closely with the NRA on formulating an agreed and more acceptable access criteria to the N56 National Secondary Route.”
“These guidelines will primarily apply to the national roads network and set out policy with regard to planning considerations relating to development affecting national roads outside the 50-kph speed limit zones for cities, towns and villages.”
“The new draft guidelines will replace the document, Policy and Planning Framework for Roads, published by the Department of the Environment and Local Government in 1985, supplement other policy guidance in relation to retail planning and sustainable rural housing and replace the NRA policy statement on national roads published in May 2006.”
“Led by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, with the participation of the Department of Transport and the National Roads Authority, a working group was established to coordinate the process, comprising key stakeholders, including representatives from local authorities with both an urban and rural planning perspective.”
“The draft guidelines are available to view and download from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government’s website: www.environ.ie. The closing date for receipt of submissions is 4 pm on Friday, 10 September, 2010.”
“The guidelines, when finalised, will be published by Minister Gormley under Section 28 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 and will thereby be underpinned by statute.”
“When enacted I am confident that individuals seeking planning permission along National Secondary Routes (N56) will be able to do so without facing objections form the NRA under the existing Guidelines.”
In conclusion Ó Domhnaill said; “I therefore would encourage anyone with a view in respect of Planning Permission issues along National Roads in Donegal to make a submission on the Draft Guidelines.”
Submissions in relation to the draft guidelines should be sent to:
Catriona Barrett
Planning System and Spatial Policy
Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
Custom House
Dublin 1
(or by email: planningandnationalroads@environ.ie)

Posted: Jul 1, 2010     |     Categories: Donegal South West